Customer Care

Help Desk Support

Only a phone call away, our Customer Care agents have the experience and know-how to provide technical support when needed for both your hardware and software.

Advanced Grain Management

Have questions about the grain you have in storage? Whether it’s determining which grain moisture curve is right for your application or providing suggestions to which “Fan Mode” and set points are best to help you achieve your goals, our Customer Care agents are here to help.


Are you a new Integris Basic or Integris Pro software user or maybe just needing a refresher heading into harvest? Our agents are trained to provide target-specific remote training, whether for individuals or in a group setting. This monitoring can be conducted remotely, at OPI or potentially on-site.

Software Updates

You are eligible to receive any software updates as they become available. This includes new features and enhancements to make grain management easier.


A little preventative maintenance can go a long way. That’s why we offer an Annual Site Service plan. The plan includes an annual site service visit by one of our qualified technicians. The technician will ensure all hardware is in good working condition, and all cable and wiring connections are solid. You will be made aware of issues requiring additional attention.

Commissioning of an Integris Basic or Integris Pro software system occurs once all the cables and hardware at the site have been installed and OPI receives sign-off from the installer/dealer or customer that the system is ready for startup.

The commissioning is completed by an OPI technician on-site. The following is a list of items the OPI technician will complete during the commissioning of an Integris system:

  • Check all cables and hardware components for proper installation
  • Terminate all cable wiring into proper terminations within the enclosure
  • Connect all applicable hardware (ie. Plenum Sensor, Weather Station, Rain Sensor, Headspace Sensor)
  • If needed, setup the PC and startup software, including activation of software
  • Test the hardwired or radio communication between the hardware and software
  • For an Integris Pro system, test the fan output from the software
  • Provide software overview training for end user(s)