A 2% loss on 100,000 bushels could reduce profits by $20,000

You’ve spent a great deal of money on equipment, land, fertilizer and seed and have put hours of hard work into your field.

So why would you not want to protect that investment when it comes time to reap the rewards.

It’s estimated that only 10% of bins in North America have some form of grain management solution. The number globally is even less.

Yet spoilage in bins can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most people make investments – whether it’s a retirement fund, stocks or a high-interest bank account – but they typically don’t just blindly put that money away. They manage their portfolio to ensure they have enough when the time comes to access it.

It’s the same thing with grain in the bin. You want to be able to check on it and avoid any costly losses once it comes time to sell. There’s just too much time and money put into trying to maximize your yield to not have eyes on the bin.

Consider, for example, you have 100,000 bushels of canola. At $10/bu, that’s $1 million. A 2% loss for spoilage would account for $20,000, showing even a marginal loss can cost a lot.

And this is just one crop example. Farmers typically grow 3 or 4 different types of crops. Those losses don’t factor in unneeded energy costs – either through excessive fan runtimes or through total losses. If you’re running your fans efficiently and effectively, there are only running when they need to be on. That will save you thousands of dollars depending on the size of your operation.

On the flipside, a grain management solution such as OPI Blue will not only reduce those energy costs through automated fan control and mitigate spoilage through temperature alerts, but also conditions your grain to optimal selling conditions.

That’s the other piece of the puzzle where you will see significant savings. You’re avoiding loss, but also maximizing returns by conditioning your grain to the optimum moisture content levels as well as reducing energy consumption.

It is estimated the return on investment for a grain monitoring solution such as OPI Blue is less than 2 years…and that’s very smart money – It’s like adding an extra layer of insurance for your crop.

For more information on how you can benefit from an OPI system, contact your local OPI dealer or call toll free at 1-800-661-1055.