OPI™ Blue’s Latest Innovation to Protect and Optimize Grain from Harvest to Market

Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies to meet increased demands, provide analytics, enhance control and convenience, and deliver greater production capabilities. At OPI our mission is to provide growers with the best grain management technology to deliver peace-of-mind while protecting and optimizing grain from harvest to market.

OPI Blue Fan Control takes storage management to a whole new level, you control fans to run when the conditions are right to maintain your grain at the highest quality. With commodity prices at their current levels, it’s more important than ever to capture and maintain as much value as possible.

With the ability to remotely manage stored grain from anywhere at any time, grain producers can:

  1. Increase harvesting efficiencies, while optimizing grain value, reducing costs, and increasing market opportunities.
  2. Avoid major losses due to mold, insects, hot spots, or general degradation, by monitoring, responding and/or controlling conditions occurring inside the bin from virtually anywhere at any time.

There are 2.6 billion tons of grains produced globally, with up to 30% lost or degraded through post-harvest, with much of this loss due to the lack of grain storage management. With properly designed storage systems and the integration of advanced technology like the Remote Control Fan system, these losses can and will be significantly reduced, not only for individual growers but also for the sustainability of grain production worldwide.

OPI Blue User Interface

“Technology is constantly advancing and changing the way we grow. With sustainable efficiencies like our new automation of Remote Fan Control, we are heading into a new era of grain storage management, by allowing farmers to not only manage but optimize their stored grain without the time, effort or demand of physically being there, “says Dave Crompton, CEO, OPIsystems.

The OPI Blue system provides access to your critical grain storage information wherever you work, live, or play and can be incorporated into your current OPI grain management system using existing cabling or purchased as a new system. Don’t leave hard work and investment at risk for shrink, spoilage, and lower market value, manage your grain with confidence.