OPIsystems Inc. is a global leader in grain management technology

Whether it’s a monitoring platform, temperature, moisture sensors or automated fan control, OPIsystems has stood at the forefront of grain management technology for more than three decades.

And it’s only getting started.

When you speak to farmers in Canada, the United States or around the world, OPI is the most recognized name in grain monitoring and management.

OPI was the first company to move temperature monitoring into the grain sector, the first to automate and the first to add moisture sensors.

They have gone from analog to digital, hand-held to PC and now automated fan control. OPI is always looking for ways to make the job of the grower easier – whether it’s an installation, monitoring or conditioning. OPI’s newest product, proves these advancements – OPI Blue is a wireless remote grain management storage solution.

OPI’s founder, owner and CEO grew up farming. He understands how hard you have to work – how much a farmer must invest in what they are doing. To that end, OPI is committed to enhance their technology, allowing farmers to concentrate on what needs be done in the field so they can maximize their returns.

OPI has more than 26,000 customers in 46 countries and has never lost sight of its goal to provide efficient and affordable grain management to growers big and small. OPI is proud of the contributions it’s made to the agricultural industry. Its ongoing commitment to advancing grain storage management has yielded numerous innovations to help farmers and agribusinesses protect and optimize the value of their stored grain assets. As a result, OPI has become the recognized world-leading supplier of grain storage management solutions—helping to secure the planet’s essential grain supply in an environmentally-friendly way through reduced energy consumption and spoilage losses.

Whether it’s their entry-point hand-held monitoring tool, Integris with automated fan control automation or the new wireless OPI Blue system, OPI is committed to providing grain management solutions for every grower.

OPI recognizes that while smaller operations might only have monitoring needs, larger ones may also want fan control or the ability to tie monitoring into their existing systems. Having a product line that covers the whole gamut of the marketplace is huge benefit.

In fact, OPI’s diverse client base is its advantage. OPI is diversified enough that they can offer a solution for everyone, with customized orders to ensure you get what you need.

For more information on how you can benefit from an OPI system, contact your local OPI dealer or call toll free at 1-800-661-1055.