Protect and Optimize Your Grain from Harvest to Market with OPI Blue

Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies to meet increased demands, provide analytics, enhance control and convenience, and deliver greater production capabilities.

With the ability to remotely manage stored grain, producers can increase harvesting efficiencies, while optimizing grain value, reducing costs and avoid major loss by monitoring, responding, and controlling conditions occurring inside the bin from virtually anywhere at any time.

Once the last grain has been augered into the bin and the hatches closed, there is often a tendency to forget about what is needed to maintain the grain at a high level of quality. However, without proper management, that grain can rapidly deteriorate.

Grain spoilage is usually the cumulative result of several different handling and management operations and decisions. The better the overall management program, the better the chance for maintaining grain quality.  Four factors which greatly affect grain storability are: grain moisture content, grain temperature; initial condition of the grain, and insects and molds.

Whether holding wet grain for a short period of time or storing dry grain for longer periods, it is important that grain temperatures be controlled by moving air through the grain mass. Because both wet grain and molds respire and give off heat, aeration is needed to keep the grain cool and to slow mold growth. Properly aerated grain can be safely held longer than non-aerated grain.

The OPI Blue wireless grain monitoring system with fan control allows you to turn on fans remotely to aerate your grain, while also delivering hourly grain storage information to your mobile or desktop devices, allowing you to access your critical grain storage information anytime, anywhere.  An OPI Blue system helps increase profits by maximizing quality, reducing loss, and minimizing shrink. Also, automated fan control reduces fan run-times by up to 80% saving costs and energy.

OPI Blue has been designed around ease-of-everything, easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain and can be incorporated into your current OPI grain management system using existing cabling or purchased as a new system.

Leading growers and commercial operators view grain storage management as essential to optimizing their grain value. All the planning and hard work that goes into getting a good crop off can be spoiled by shrinkage and quality losses if grain is not properly managed in your bins.

Don’t leave hard work and investment at risk for shrink, spoilage, and lower market value, manage your grain with confidence