Weather Integration and Equilibrium Moisture Content

OPI’s weather station provides reliable weather data that is incorporated into monitoring calculations. The bin-side weather station measures ambient temperature and relative humidity input to support optimal grain conditions and calculates the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC).


EMC-DiagramEquilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)

EMC plays an integral role in grain storage management and optimization, and provides data to let you know when it’s time to turn fans on or off to achieve optimum grain quality. EMC is the resulting moisture content of grain and the air surrounding the grain, after they have balanced each other out over a period of time. EMC plays an integral role in grain storage management and optimization, when it comes to drying, cooling and conditioning an achieving maximized market value.

By tracking the moisture change during in-bin drying and aeration conditioning operations in real-time, you are able to determine right EMC settings and when to run the fans. This will minimize the possibility of over-drying and shrink plus optimize the fan efficiency for reduced power consumption and energy savings. EMC will be reached when exposed to air of specific relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) for sufficient time. So if ambient air is relatively humid, the grain will absorb the moisture from air; and if ambient air is dry, grain will release its moisture to the surrounding air. Extremely dry air (with low EMC) can result in over drying. By real-time moisture monitoring during aeration and conditioning operation right EMC window (upper and lower EMC range) for fan control can be selected that will reduce over-drying. An over-dried bottom layer may also be rehydrated by running a higher EMC range while still drying the upper layers.


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