Integris Basic

Proactively monitor grain conditions from your PC

Advanced grain management delivers peace of mind, so you can store with confidence knowing your grain is protected. It’s insurance for your most valuable asset, allowing you to avoid losses due to spoilage, shrink and overall quality loss.

Automated Monitoring & Alarm System

Proactively monitor grain condition—directly from your PC. Integris Basic advanced grain management technology delivers PC-based monitoring, alarms and inventory level management. Integris Basic is perfectly suited for medium-to-larger scale storage requiring monitoring without automated control.

Integris Basic lets you market your grain like never before. Increased visibility to what’s going on inside the bin frees you from doubt, so you can store with confidence and maximize profit by capturing the carry, with the ability to tap into optimum market conditions. As your grain management needs evolve, Integris Basic’s completely expandable platform allows you to upgrade to the fully automated Integris Pro system.

Built on the OPI-pioneered digital platform, rest assured you’re investing in the most accurate, reliable and expandable system on the market today. And our growing range of sensing options have been designed to meet your every advanced grain management need:

Temperature Sensing

StorMax retractable temperature cables with 2-wire digital technology for maximum accuracy (+/- 0.5ºC or 1.0ºF) and reliability, as well as simplicity of installation and service.

Moisture Sensing

OPI’s moisture cable calculates moisture content by taking relative humidity and temperature measurements up through the grain (typically every 4′ to 6’)—with accuracies up to +/-0.5%.

Insect Detection

Measures insect numbers and densities for early detection and control. Also helps to improve, reduce and verify fumigation.

Real-time Visibility

Up-to-the-minute grain information available on-site. When storage conditions change, Integris Basic alerts you by your preferred method of alarm: on-screen, on-site (audible or visual), text messaging or email.

Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory-level monitoring provides an accurate indication of grain level in every bin.

The Integris Basic system is comprised of and compatible with the following components:


B or A Enclosure with Line Expanders

Enclosure box that connects multiple cables together on larger and commercial sized bins for data transfer

Communication Cable

Connects multiple enclosures to each other and to the radio

C-Enclosure Slave Radio

Transmits data to a Master Radio

C-Enclosure Outdoor Power Supply

Supplies power to a Slave Radio

C-Enclosure Master Radio

Collects data from the Slave Radios and transmits data to the PC

PC System (Monitor/Tower/Cord)

Connects to the system to display temperature and moisture data. Ability to monitor alarms and fan control for Integris Pro

StorMax Retractable Temperature Cable

Cable with sensors to measure temperature levels in your bin. Available in three sizes (Medium Duty, Commercial Duty and Heavy Duty)

Sensing Element

Retractable temperature sensing element inserted into a StorMax temperature cable

Moisture Cable

Cable with sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity (moisture content) levels in your bin

Interconnect Cable

Connects cables to other system components

BRK 2 and BRK 3

External roof brackets to support the weight of externally-mounted cables

Angle Bracket

Angle mounts the cable on the roof exterior


Hangs cable from the interior roof rafters

Featured Testimonials

“Having the temperatures this year on the computer helped a bunch, because you could see if there was ever a warm spot starting and you’d move some grain…It gives you better peace of mind know you can look at it.”

Scott Stabbe

“The Integris system saves energy, fuel and just gives you peace of mind that everything is OK in the bin.”


Bob Weiland

“The Integris system is an insurance policy for our 1.1 million bushels in storage.”

Randy Leka

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