Integris Pro

Monitor and Control Grain Quality

The ultimate advanced grain management solution. Proactively manage and control moisture content and temperature to deliver the highest possible quality for the most possible profit. Integris Pro helps you reliably store grain longer so you can take advantage of the most favourable market conditions.

Automated Monitoring, Alarm & Control System

Monitor and control grain quality—right from your PC. Integris Pro is the most advanced grain management solution on the market, featuring fully automated monitoring, alarms, continuous level inventory management and automated aeration control. Integris Pro is ideal for farm and commercial grain facility managers looking for a cost-effective way to increase their bottom line.

Maximize storage profitability by optimizing grain quality, minimizing shrink and spoilage, significantly reducing energy costs and increasing dryer throughput. Integris Pro’s market-enabling technology gives you the freedom to confidently store grain.

Built on the OPI-pioneered digital platform, rest assured you’re investing in the most accurate, reliable and expandable system on the market today. Our growing range of sensing options have been designed to meet your every advanced grain management need:

Temperature Sensing

StorMax retractable temperature cables with 2-wire digital technology for maximum accuracy (+/- 0.5ºC or 1.0ºF) and reliability, as well as simplicity of installation and service.

Moisture Sensing

OPI’s moisture cable calculates moisture content by taking relative humidity and temperature measurements up through the grain (typically every 4′ to 6’)—with accuracies up to +/-0.5%.

Insect Detection

Measures insect numbers and densities for early detection and control. Also helps to improve, reduce and verify fumigation.

Other Inputs

Weather station, Headspace RH and Temperature and Plenum pressure, RH and Temperature sensing used to enhance accuracy.

Energy Savings

Drive down energy costs by as much as 80% by running fans only at the right time.

Aeration Control

Integris Pro lets you virtually eliminate spoilage and shrink, and achieve optimal moisture content—whether through drying or re-hydration by selecting only the right air.

Real-time Visibility

Access vital information about your grain using your PC or internet connection. The easy-to-use reporting format features visuals and graphs that detail the most important aspects of your grain storage. Get alarm notification in a variety of ways including on-screen, on-site, text messaging and e-mail.

Inventory Management

Continuous Level Monitoring provides accurate indication of grain level and inventory.


The Integris Pro system is comprised of and compatible with the following components:

B or A Enclosure with Line Expanders

Enclosure box that connects multiple cables together on larger and commercial sized bins for data transfer

Communication Cable

Connects multiple enclosures to each other and to the radio

C-Enclosure Slave Radio

Transmits data to a Master Radio

C-Enclosure Outdoor Power Supply

Supplies power to a Slave Radio

C-Enclosure Master Radio

Collects data from the Slave Radios and transmits data to the PC

PC System (Monitor/Tower/Cord)

Connects to the system to display temperature and moisture data. Ability to monitor alarms and fan control for Integris Pro

Plenum Sensor

Sensor placed at the bottom of the bin near the fan to measure pressure and temperature

Head Space Sensor

Sensor placed in the head space of the bin to measure head space temperature and relative humidity

Weather Station

Measures outside temperature and humidity levels

Rain Sensor

Detects rain or snowfall outdoors and prevents fans from running during less optimal conditions

Control RTU with Relays

Enclosure box with master control for fan outputs

CEP Enclosure for Binside Fan Control

Enclosure box for binside fan control with Plenum Sensors

Insector Insertion Tool

Used to insert Insector(s) into full grain bins


Electronic insect detector that captures live insects and collects data on species, quantity, density and time data was recorded

StorMax Retractable Temperature Cable

Cable with sensors to measure temperature levels in your bin. Available in three sizes (Medium Duty, Commercial Duty and Heavy Duty)

Sensing Element

Retractable temperature sensing element inserted into a StorMax temperature cable

Moisture Cable

Cable with sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity (moisture content) levels in your bin

Interconnect Cable

Connects cables to other system components

BRK 2 and BRK 3

External roof brackets to support the weight of externally-mounted cables

Angle Bracket

Angle mounts the cable on the roof exterior


Hangs cable from the interior roof rafters

Featured Testimonials

“Last year I had to take some rice into the processor without drying it first because I didn’t have enough capacity to store everything. The difference between what I took in ‘green’ and what I dried myself [using IntegrisPro] was probably about $.50 to $1.00 higher just because the milling was so much better with what I dried in my bins [with the help of IntegirsPro].”

Jeff Rutledge

“Our main goal when we started…was to sell the grain at the proper moisture, which in turn means we get to sell more bushels. We maintain a quality product, because as long as we provide a quality product to our customers, they’re going to keep being our customers.”

Bernard Peterson

“It’s [IntegrisPro] hands down the best thing you can do for your grain system.”


Cole Pestorious

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