Handheld Grain Temperature and Moisture Monitoring

Cost-effective grain storage peace of mind in the palm of your hand. The StorMax monitoring system provides you with accurate digital data about your grain so you can proactively manage aeration fans and prevent spoilage.

Cost-Effective Handheld Grain Monitoring

Get grain-storage peace of mind with the StorMax handheld monitoring system. The StorMax monitoring system provides you with accurate digital data about your grain so you can proactively manage aeration fans and prevent spoilage.

StorMax is ideal for grain storage managers looking for a low-cost solution. The expandable StorMax system lets you easily upgrade from handheld monitoring to fully automated monitoring with OPI Blue, or an Integris Basic or Pro system.

Simply plug in the StorMax monitor to access grain temperature readings and much more. The StorMax monitor enables you to store all readings, which allows you to analyze long-term trends.

StorMax removes the guesswork from storage management and replaces it with certainty. The StorMax system lets you proactively manage grain condition by providing you with the grain information you need to determine when and how long to run fans to cool and dry your grain.

Built on the OPI-pioneered digital platform, rest assured you’re investing in the most accurate, reliable and expandable system on the market today.

Temperature Sensing

StorMax retractable temperature cables and 2-wire digital technology for maximum accuracy (+/-0.5°C or +/-1.0°F) and reliability, as well as simplicity of installation and service.

Moisture Sensing

Calculates moisture content by taking relative humidity and temperature measurements up through the grain (typically every 4’ to 6′)—with accuracies up to +/-0.5%.

The StorMax system is comprised of and compatible with the following components.

C Enclosure

Enclosure box that connects multiple cables together on smaller bins for data transfer

Docking Station

Installed on the side of the bin. Holds the cable that connects to the handheld monitor when not in use


Ground for the system

3-Wire Adapter

Handheld adapter used to adapt a 2-wire system to a 3-wire system

Handheld Monitor

Connects to the system to display temperature and moisture data

StorMax Retractable Temperature Cable

Cable with sensors to measure temperature levels in your bin. Available in three sizes (Medium Duty, Commercial Duty and Heavy Duty)

Sensing Element

Retractable temperature sensing element inserted into a StorMax temperature cable

Moisture Cable

Cable with sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity (moisture content) levels in your bin

Interconnect Cable

Connects cables to other system components

BRK 2 and BRK 3

External roof brackets to support the weight of externally-mounted cables

Angle Bracket

Angle mounts the cable on the roof exterior


Hangs cable from the interior roof rafters

Featured Testimonials

“For us, peace of mind is knowing what’s going on inside the bin without moving the grain.”

Mark Vermeulen

“The system pays for itself over and over again just in peace of mind.”

Albert Johnson

“StorMax allowed me to avoid hot spots and show my grain buyer the complete storage history.”

Christian Coucheney

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